Launching ceremony of "CBA SYS" (Competencies Based Assessment System")

Launching ceremony of "CBA SYS" (Competencies Based Assessment System")
Sponsorship of CDF – Sri Lanka.

Date: 01-July-2022
TIme : 9:30 AM to 01:00 PM
Venue : Conference Hall, Zonal Education Office, Trincomalee

It has developed for the purpose of keeping all updated performances of the students including curricula and co curricula performance, such as Sports, Tamil Day, English Day competition etc. By entering the data soon after accomplishing term test assessment, competency-based assessment of primary students, School Based Assessment (SBA) for Grade 6-11 secondary Student and Grade 12 to 13 senior secondary students. We providing the user ID for the class teachers she or he can enter the data and can be updated. Based on this information system, that we can make the decision also able to develop the project or developmental programme in future.

If anyone wish to attend as a virtual participant via Zoom by clicking the following link or by type User ID and Password.

Zoom Link :

Meeting ID: 875 378 3915
Passcode: zde@Trinco.



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